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Subject: My visit

Hi, My name is Steve. My girlfriend and I just stayed at your place this past Tuesday and Wednesday night. It was my first trip to the Gulf Coast, and her first trip south of Louisville KY! Our trip started in Alpharetta GA for two nights, a night in Orlando, a night in Clearwater, and finally up 98 to your place.

We are from Milwaukee WI... I can say I have spent time in a great number of hotels all over the world. From something nearing a palace in Bahrain, to the Conrad Hilton in Chicago, to almost every hotel on Oahu.

Bottom line: Your's is the best place I've ever stayed! The flora, the wind sculptures, the other sculptures, all those bird houses. The swings, the decor... even the two trees, who's growth has caused them to criss cross over the boardwalk to the beach.... incredible!!

This place was the most radical, wonderful departure from ANYWHERE.... I'VE BEEN! It was quaint, quiet, extremely tasteful The room was perfect! Just perfect for what the Inn is trying to be! The staff was wonderful as well Of course, it being 98 out, and the water being so warm, the sand being so well maintained, the proximity to the water was perfect.. I'LL be honest.... we were both nearly in tears at having to check out yesterday! We kind of fell for the place! Already making plans for next year.

But most of all, I wanted to say thank you for having us !!!
Steve S.
Milwaukee WI

Subject: Great Ending

My husband and I were on our way home from a cruise that left out of Tampa.  We knew we wanted to stay the night somewhere along the way home, but had made no reservations in advance, because we had never driven that part of 98 before and wanted to just see what there was.
Well to tell you the truth our cruise was a bust, it did not go at all as we had hoped and our trip overall was nothing to write home about.  That trip cost us a small fortune-so you would think our experience would have been the exact opposite.
Anyway I just wanted to let you know that while I was in the soap shop in Apalachicola (which was wonderful) she mentioned that there was a really nice hotel in Mexico Beach that we needed to stay at.  She didn’t tell me which one, but the first couple options I spotted did not capture my attention at all and we had decided to go ahead and drive home, when all of the sudden I spotted your Inn and did a U-turn immediately, without even asking my husband what he thought.  Needless to say your place was just what we needed to salvage our trip.  We enjoyed ourselves more there than we did on our entire trip.  Such peace and tranquility-just perfect!!!
Thank you so much!
Mary T.
Destin, FL

Subject: Driftwood Inn Video

Hi Peggy,
My wife and I discovered Driftwood Inn about a year ago, while exploring Mexico Beach. It is a very special place for us - I proposed to her there. We found your inn to be one of the most beautiful places we have ever discovered along the Gulf coast. We have told everyone we know about it!

I am an amateur filmmaker and captured some high definition video footage of the inn, chapel and grounds while we were there. Recently I was going over the video and decided to do some editing and add music. I think it came together as a nice little 2 1/2 minute presentation of Driftwood Inn. ENJOY. We did.
Reggie and Lisa Giles


RECHARGE: Driftwood Inn -- Mexico Beach, FL from Reggie Giles on Vimeo.

Subject: Recovery At The Driftwood

What A WONDERFUL vacation we had at the Driftwood Inn!! Our reservations had been made several months in advance when my husband suffered a heart attack and underwent triple bypass heart surgery. After weeks of recovery we realized we had reservations and hoped to be able to still use them. Luckily the Dr. gave his approval after 7 1/2 weeks from surgery for my husband to travel to Fla.

What a surprise when we arrived. The Driftwood Inn was like a dream come true for us. It was such a relaxing and peaceful place we really didn't want to leave. We enjoyed the beach and all the surroundings. We also loved the cats. We even named one Seaweed for the week and my husband bought cat food and fed it. That vacation was the most enjoyable and peaceful week we had spent in several months. Being flower lovers we strolled the grounds every chance for the exercise and enjoyment. The best medicine for recovery any dr. could ever prescribe. We enjoyed it so much we look forward to another trip for spring break and again in the summer. Thanks for the warm atmosphere and beautiful place to come to. I think a new tradition has been started.

Annette and Michael Mitchell
Powder Springs, Ga.

Subject: Confirm Reservations
I just wanted to confirm our reservations for May 14th - 17th and let you know how much we are looking forward to staying with you again. We had such a lovely time the last time we stayed at the Driftwood that it was no problem deciding where we wanted to go for our vacation. Our last visit proved to be very rich indeed. I took several pictures from the back decks. I used one, which I have attached, for a project for a Graphic Design class. The project was later nominated for an award from the Alabama Design Association in the student division. When I had my photos developed, the company that developed them gave me several enlargements in exchange for letting them display the photographs in their store. As you can see, we brought home some great memories and are looking forward to creating more.
Butch and Leslie Craddock
Fayetteville TN

Dear Fred: WOW! YOU HAVE A WEB SITE! I just wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful time I had at your Inn last June! The location was perfect, the beach unbelievably beautiful and your Inn was exceptionally clean! I was so excited when your owner told me I could bring my dogs with me! When I walked into the room, and seen how nice and clean it was, I prayed my "little ones" would behave! (which they did of course) My three Maltese, Paul and I all had a wonderful time! I really want to return this year even if only for a night or two. I hope you and the bird (sorry I forgot his name) are doing well and that I will get to see you soon. Until then, behave yourself and keep greeting those customers because you are wonderful at it. What a warm feeling to walk into a hotel and have "Fred" greet you! By the way, I have told everyone about your Inn and would recommend it to anyone! Take care!

Wendy Carrigan
Moultrie, Georgi

Subject: just what we needed!!!
WOW!!!! what can I say, my wife and I were looking for a place to relax, and we definitely found one with you. The place is just beautiful. We knew we wanted to go to the beach, but didn't want to put up with a lot of loud teenagers. As soon as we arrived, we went straight to the white sand and became beach bums. The breakfast in the mornings were fantastic, the room was perfect and everyone was so nice, including Dufus, I loved the way he cornered me by the swings to keep rubbing him. We WILL absolutely be coming back, hopefully in May, I guess I need to make my reservations now!

Thanks again for everything,

Jimmy Gresham
LaGrange, Ga

Subject: Thanks for the Memories
It's tough to come home from the most relaxing vacation we have ever had. All was perfect from the "roomy" room and comfortable beds, to the Dufus greetings each day and wonderful  conversation in the swings in the evening. Thanks to you all and especially to Peggy,  We will definitely be back

Susan Howell
Bella Vista, AR

Subject: Our Visit

Greeting. We were guests of your this past weekend (April 7th-10th) and from the moment you greeted us at the counter until the day of our sad departure, we had a "doggone" Great time. The older I get the harder it is for our accomodations to meet, let alone exceed, my expectations. Driftwood Inn was that rare exception!

Your website is great and portrays your Inn as it is... a beautiful, Gulf Coast retreat. No false advertising there. On this visit we stayed in one of your cottages and could't believe how close it was to the water... getting any closer would require being on a cruise... and who would want to go on a cruise without Dufus?!!

Thanks for a great place and the first of many visits to the Driftwood Inn!

Steve & Cheryl Jones
Loganville, GA

Subject: Wonderful Inn to Relax

Dear 2nd. Family,
In June 1997, my friend and I found the Driftwood Inn by mistake but it was the best mistake we ever made.  For eight years now, the Driftwood Inn has been our home away from home.  Words alone can not express the relaxing environment and atmosphere that we experience every time we visit. 

This past November, I took my mother to the Driftwood Inn for her 82nd.birthday.   I've never seen my mother so relaxed and smile so much. The owners and staff at the Driftwood made her feel like part of their family as well as they do to everyone who visits their beach inn. You'll never meet a stranger at the Driftwood; everyone sits around the beautiful gardens watching the ocean while talking about everything from the weather to the grandkids.

My mother would wake every morning and take her daily walk along the beach to the pier and return so relaxed.  She was so impress with the Driftwood Inn that she has made reservations for two months next year to celebrate her 83rd. birthday. 

I just wanted to thank the Driftwood Inn's owners and staff for the best vacation my mother has ever experienced and allowing her to really enjoy her life. 

Thanks again,

Mary StClair-Warner
Chattanooga, TN

Subject: Our Stay

Our stay with you this past weekend was short but so sweet! Though a bit stressed when we arrived, 36 hours later we were as laid back as you appeared every time we stepped over your sprawled form on the rug in front of the check-in counter! The beautiful gardens and trickling fountains throughout the property created the feel of an isolated tropical oasis, absolutely beautiful and so relaxing. Our room was as perfect as everything else about the weekend - just what we needed with no unpleasant surprises. After enjoying a lovely continental breakfast in your beautiful dining room and a precious Sunday morning devotion time underneath the grape arbor next to the chapel, we left Driftwood Inn with body, mind and sprit renewed and refreshed. We both agreed your place reminds us of the quaint and wonderful bed & breakfasts in St. Augustine but much closer to home! We can't wait to recommend Driftwood to all our friends and family and we hope to visit again and often!

Say hello to Joe the parrot for us and all our best to the fine staff at Driftwood. Give David our thanks for his great recommendations for lunch and dinner - both were excellent!
Happy snoozing!

Johnny & Summer Hartzog
Montgomery, AL

Subject: Our most wonderful vacation

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! WHAT a vacation! What a wonderful and beautiful undiscovered place you have. My husband is recovering from 4 heart attacks (Sept-Dec 04) and we needed a nice relaxing place to stay. My 14 year old son has visited the beach before and admired your location. His dream was to stay there. SO . . . I called and to my surprise it was affordable, clean-looking AND on the BEACH! We felt like we were "stars"! Our own "private" beach with very friendly folks. We really enjoyed the peacefulness, catching blue crabs, body surfing and parasailing. Thanks to you our entire family is relaxed and UNFORTUNATELY back to the real word. We hope to escape some time back to you lovely inn soon. Thank you again for your hospitality!

Karen, Claude, JT and Vucen
Lawrenceville, GA!

Subject: Wonderful times, wonderful memories....

I am speaking not only for myself, but for a ton of my CRAZY relatives as well.  Let me tell you, we are all CRAZY about the Driftwood Inn.  We started coming there 3 years ago for a yearly family reunion, and we will be coming back again this summer as well.  It is the perfect getaway for everyone, and a wonderful opportunity to spend time with those we love. It is so private and peaceful that you feel as if you are on a private island.

It is the most inviting place to stay, and you immediately feel at home.  We have made some of the best memories there in the past three years, that I know everyone in my family will always cherish.  From the day we leave the Driftwood Inn each summer, we are counting down the days until next years trip to Mexico Beach rolls around.  Thank you for making our yearly family reunions so pleasurable and helping us to create so many wonderful memories.

Stacey Collins
Nashville, TN


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