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Our  Pet Policy

Image by Oliver

The Driftwood Inn is a pet friendly facility, but there are special details that your should be aware of before you decide to bring your fur baby with you. Here are a few things that you will need to know:

  • Pet Fee: If you're planning on bringing a pet, our cleaning staff has to do a special cleaning when you leave to ensure that pet hair and dander are removed for our next guest's stay. A $50/night pet fee with a $200 Maximum per stay is charged for these additional services. If  guest don't inform the front desk about traveling pets, a pet fee will be added to your bill automatically. There are not exceptions to this policy.

  • Pet Behavior: Owners are responsible for their pet's behavior - Barking, waste pick-up and social situations are important to ensure that everyone enjoys their stay at the Inn. Pets must remain on leashes at all times when in public spaces. 

  • City ordinance: The city does not allow pets on the beach or off leash pets. The city aggressively tickets owners that violate this policy.  

  • Vaccinations: Pets may be in areas with other people and pets. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure all vaccines are current.

  • Liability: The Driftwood Inn is not liable for pet altercations or aggressive behavior. If your pet bites an employee, guest or guest's pet, we will have to contact the authority and follow public policy... all at owner's expense. This could include proof of vaccines and quarantining.

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